Saturday, July 18, 2009

New O

I just got back from New Orleans last night...I wanted to post some blogs while there but there was no internet access and I must confess that was driving me crazy!...I guess I realize how attached I am to my laptop and God really did stretch me by taking that away. It gave me a chance to totally focus on Him and what was going on in New O. I was blown away by the teenagers and how Godly their attitudes were, how much they had servant hearts, and how willing they were to do whatever was needed. It gives me hope for the future of our church and I'm so blessed to be able to be a part of what God is doing at Grace and in our town. I will post a few of my fav pics from the trip later on once I get caught up with all the menial tasks one must do like laundry, cleaning, and trying to get some REST!! KJ and I are so exhausted but it was SO worth it. Praise God for allowing me to be able to go, to get excited again about missions and serving, and for allowing my daughter to see a part of it and be a part of it. She loved it and I know it's the beginning of stirring inside her a passion to serve and love on others as she loves God and learns more about who He is.

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