Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Love Being a Mom

I love that when I opened my purse today looking for my lip gloss I pulled out silly putty instead. I love that even after I've cleaned the house to my perfection my daughter has made some random creation and placed it somewhere in the house. I love that on the way to work this morning Kylie asked the question Why?? at least fifteen times and I finally had to say I don't really know,baby, and started laughing. She began laughing with me....just because. As hard as life is right now and as much as I am struggling to find joy, peace, and strength, God speaks to me EVERY day through my daughter. He reminds me that He is still with me, and He is blessing me with this amazing gift that I get to enjoy every day. May I never take her for granted, and may I never forget what a huge responsibility I have as a mother to help mold and shape her to be a Godly woman who has a heart for God, family, and those around her. What a huge task...I'm not up for it, but God let's go!.....

1 comment:

  1. u r up 4 it! and u know u can do it! kylie loves her mama more than anything, and u know that! she hides behind u when ur tryin 2 introduce her, she iooks 2 u 4 protection guidance love compassion 4givness and more LOVE! u do have the strength 2 to show her how to b a Godly woman! i know u r strong enuff! im sure God will help u the details but its u that has made that choice 2 b this amazing mother! i pray God watches over and protects u and kj everyday!