Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What God is Teaching Me...

-TRUST Him completely....not half-heartedly or it might as well be like not trusting Him at all. Fully believe and you will know you've done that when you feel a peace. Peace in your children, family, finances, work, sickness, disappointments, and will feel a peace, that one that it talks about in the Bible- it surpasses all understanding. That means we don't understand it, we don't know why we have it, it's just there. But I'll tell ya, it comes because you TRUST.

-God loves you.....seems simple but I don't think we truly truly grasp that. HE LOVES US. and you specifically. If you really let that sink in, your insecurities fall away, your anxiety is lessened, and you feel comfort and security knowing the God of the universe loves YOU. I was listening to a song about that the other day and I began bawling because I really started to believe it. No one can love me like Him, and if I find my comfort in His love, wow, I don't need anything or anyone but Him.

-This world is not a playground its a battlefield. I'm NOT saying we can't have fun and that God doesn't provide us with joy and times to just laugh and enjoy life. But we must treat it like a battlefield. The enemy is SO present and he is counting on us to downplay his presence so that we continue to sin, continue to let our joy be stolen from us, and we continue to be miserable when that is not God's plan for us. I'm learning to FIGHT every day....and it's so great! I feel free and I feel better than I have in years! The coolest thing is that I don't have to worry about whether I am going to win or not....that is already been taken care of. The victory is won and I just have to walk in it step by step, day by day....sometimes it's minute by minute. But that's ok, because at the end of the day what a feeling to say It was a victorious day! Thank you God!! I am so undeserving and yet YOU led me on and cheered me along the whole way!

So much more that He's teaching me...that'll be for my next blog though:)


Monday, August 17, 2009

Just Another Day...kinda

Well Kylie's allegies have been out of control the past couple days and I hate her being sick but I confess I love the extra time with her:)...Her independent self is more likely to snuggle up beside me to watch a movie, or sit in my lap and play games or read books with me. It's such a cool time that I know won't last forever....she's such a sweetheart, even when she's sick. I'm so blessed! Today God is teaching me to live in the moment...although I have dreams, aspirations, goals, and a huge to do list, none of that mattered today because I found joy in Color Wonder, Dora playdoh, several VeggieTale movies, and tickle wars in the bed. God is SO good to me, each and EVERY day!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Events Coming Up...Let's Serve!!

Well I wanted to do a post on what God is teaching me during this new season in my life, but there is SO much so I'll have to save that for another day when I have more time....
So get this, I'm getting involved in two GREAT causes in October and am so pumped!! I want to share them with you and if you are interested in coming on board, please contact me, I would LOVE it:) here's the info:

***Hope Pregnancy Center Banquet- I am hosting a table on October 8, it's a dessert banquet form 7-9 PM. You can bring someone with you, come alone, it doesn't matter! It's free and the Hope Pregnancy Center is such a great ministry in Clarksville...for more info about the ministry, you can go to

***Making Strides-Breast Cancer Walk- I am heading up a team to walk on October 24, starting at the Titans stadium. We will walk all throughout downtown. This will be my third year to participate in this event, and it's so amazing to be a part of! If you want more info, you can contact me or go to the website If you want to sign up, you can sign up under Team Watts. Our team goal is to raise $2000. But whether you raise any money or not, you can still be a part of the team and walk with us! We are wanting to raise money but also awareness of this cause and organization!!

I look forward to serving with many of you through these events....what areas in your life is God calling you to serve? Any thoughts and ideas on things you can do in Clarksville to serve those around you??