Monday, December 12, 2011

this Christmas Eve

I am one of those people that enjoys trying new things but also loves traditions. I do not get tired of doing the same thing on a particular holiday with family and friends that I would always do. However, I love trying new things as well because you never know when that will turn into a tradition that I will love! Christmas Eve is coming soon......A family tradition of ours is to gather and eat finger foods, watch a Christmas movie, and everyone gets to open one present. I added to this tradition about 6 years ago with my daughter, she was a month and a half old, when we attended the Christmas Eve service at Grace Community Church. I loved being able to see friends and worship together the night before Christmas. Christmas is so much more than presents and visiting with out of town guests, we all know that, but we rarely show it. Coming together to actually celebrate the meaning of Christmas was very special to me and something I knew I wanted to do with my family each year.
One thing that made it so special was that half way through the service my daughter began to cry, and as a new mother I was nervous and freaking out a bit. Chad, one of our pastors, quietly and with no hesitance, took my daughter and walked her through the halls while I enjoyed the rest of the service. I realized then that that was part of what Christmas was serve others humbly. And the leadership at Grace was setting that example. What a great Christmas Eve that was.
It is part of our family's tradition now to attend Christmas Eve services at Grace. We get to worship with family and friends and I get a reminder of what Christmas is really about, getting all the 'stuff' that really doesn't matter out of the way.
There are 3 Christmas Eve services this year at Grace Community Church. There are two at Rossview High (4:30 and 6:00) and one at Kenwood High (8:30). What a great opportunity for you to start making this a tradition for your family as well. Have a blessed Christmas and don't get bogged down with the things of the world and the holiday itself, but remember why we really celebrate. Come celebrate with us on Christmas Eve!!