Thursday, July 2, 2009

I was just thinking about my relationship with God this morning and came upon this blog and thought it was quite profound....and actually describes my relationship with God at times, going back and forth and back and forth. But I've never come back not to find Him there ready to receive me, change me, teach me, and love me. Now that's GRACE.

Here's the blog I read this's a father talking about his daughter, The Brown One.

The Brown One.It takes her a while to warm up to you.It’s not that she doesn’t love you.She does.It’s that she doesn’t trust you.Yet.I’ve seen it happen everyday for the past 5 years.She grabs someones heart, only to crush it later, only to grab it again and make it melt twice as fast.It’s just what she does. She needs consistent relationship to trust you.
I know God loves me.I know He won’t ever leave me.I just wonder the feeling He gets when I come in and out of relationship with Him on such a regular basis.
Probably feels a little bit like my brown one.Yet He never flinches. And is Always waiting.
Funny what a 5 year old can teach you about God’s love.

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