Thursday, October 22, 2009


Don't have time for a long blog right now but good grief, God is just blessing me like crazy! I've had a hard week personally and physically....and God knows. He knows and He CARES....He's my best friend, my lover, my Hiding Place, my strength. The last two days He has put several situations in my life that have just brought me joy, laughter, encouragement, and peace. He knew what I needed. You know how we say He alone can satisfy and He is all we need...I say that and truly want to believe it. But sometimes it's hard to really believe...but I'm one step closer today to believing that with all my heart. Trust Him today with everything you've got! Your hurt, your frustration, your anger, your business, your loneliness....give it away and expect something great. I am truly amazed....He is the God of the Universe and He is also my best friend. How crazy and wonderful is that.....

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