Tuesday, November 10, 2009

daddy's love...and everything else that's been goin on

It's been kind of a crazy past few weeks. About a month ago I got pnemonia, and it really knocked me down. Kylie's allergies have been really bad and we've been to the doctor more times than I can count. Then just as I was getting better I got the flu and Kylie got really sick again so we spent last week at home, laying around, taking tons of meds, watching Barbie movies, and me trying to get work done in between all of it. Just as I thought I was getting better, I woke up feeing funky and once again my doctor handed me a another prescription and said I had broncitis. Good grief, I've never been this sick so much in my life. Between trying to keep life going while feeling crappy, and take care of KJ, I've been spending time with God and asking....what is the purpose for this? IS there a purpose for all this? What are you trying to teach me right now Lord? I'm so frustrated...
I still don't feel like I have an answer (there may not be one) but I feel like I've been reintroduced to some characteristic traits of God. He's truly been my Daddy, my Caregiver, and my Comforter these past few weeks. He's been there when I felt all alone, provided when I felt like I had nothing, and He's just wrapped His arms around me and told me that it's going to get better and He's not going anywhere. I'm praying that my relationship with Him will just continue to grow, that my love for Him will grow...explode actually, and that I will fall more madly in love with the God of the universe who is ALSO my daddy. What an amazing thought...I'm still processing it all.
KJ and I were listening to one of her favorite cds that is by Andrew Peterson and listening to a few of the songs just really made me think of how God thinks of us. I've posted the words here as an encouragement to you. Think of it as Him being your loving parent today and supplying you with whatever it is you need just to make it through this season, or maybe just today.

I love you today and I love you tomorrow
I love you as deep as the sea
I love you in joy and I love you in sorrow
You can always come home to me

There once was a man that found him a treasure buried out under a tree
Sold all he had just to own it forever
The treasure is you, you see

There once were some sheep, safe on the farm
One little lamb got loose
The shepherd went out and carried it home
That little lamb is you

I love you today and I love you tomorrow
I love you as deep as the sea
I love you in joy and I love you in sorrow
You can always come home to me
You can ALWAYS come home to me.

I've got you swaddled, and I've got your bottle
And you're too loud to ignore
Your mama is sleeping, The angels are keeping....so cry no more.

Hey beautiful girl...Daddy loves you, He loves you
Most beautiful girl, in the whole wide world

Stars are all shining, the birds are reclining,
The squirrels are all nestled down.
The trees in the forest are joining in the chorus
And swaying to the sound.

I know that moons rise, and time flies
And sweet little girls get older
And then when your tooth aches or your heart aches
Will you still cry on my shoulder?

Hey beautiful girl, Daddy loves you, He loves you
Most beautiful girl, in the whole wide world.

There is a room within this house where we'll be resting
Just take a right when you get down from where you sleep
Be sure to step around the scattering of play things
Don't wake your brother with the patter of your feet.

Through the door beside your Mama's mother's paintings
Step lightly on the carpet in the hall.
Look for the shelf with all the books of Papa's reading
And the old guitar that's up against the wall.

You shouldn't feel the need to take such drastic measures
With the God of all creation looking on.
He will keep you on this night, yes, and forever-
He will keep you as He keeps us.....down the hall.

So settle in,my child, and sleep.
The moon is high and the sun is down,
And the night is deep.
Close your eyes and dream of angels' wings
And go down and down to sleep.

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