Monday, November 23, 2009

A tight grip

What is God teaching me right now? Or really a better way to put it is what am I wrestling with Him about, fighting with Him about, and being so stubborn about?...With most things in my life, when God said no, and especially if it was something I already had a grip on, I just gripped even tighter. The painful and at the same time cool thing that God always did was pry it, rip it, out of my hands!! Wow, did it hurt most of the time...ok, who am I kidding, it always hurt. It was painful because it was something I wanted and something I really thought I needed at the time. What is cool about it looking back is that God saved me....saved me from myself, from that bad choice, from even worse consequences that I could have suffered. In His gracious and merciful heart, He chose to rip it out where it would hurt for now, but then I could heal, move on, and experience His will for me and His blessings.
SO....what is really showing up these past couple of weeks are things that God is pointing at and going...Uh, you need to get rid of this now....most of them are things I already have a grip on. So what do I do? Do I learn from past mistakes and just hand it over? Or do I start to tense my fingers and hold on with all that I've got?...
Jesus said many times in the Bible that if we truly love Him we will obey His commands....if we truly love Him, we will give up everything. If we truly love Him we will follow Him and throw out, and get rid of, anything that is not of Him. So maybe the real question should be, Do I truly love Him??
I am thankful for what He is teaching me...I am thankful that He has not given up on me, and I'm praying today that I will open my hands and give to Him freely WHATEVER He asks for. And then, I will wait, and expect great things, because He IS God, and I do truly love Him with all that is in me.
What are you holding on to today????

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