Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not sure.....

Not sure what to call this's been kind of a challenging couple of months for me. For some reason, I've just been in an emotional funk (yes, that's a professional term/diagnosis) You know when you go through those times of just feeling blah and the most frustrating part is you don't know is healthy, job is good, friends are a blessing. So what's the problem? I think that there isn't always rhyme or reason to why we feel the way we do and it has reminded me even more to trust God and NOT my emotions and my feelings each day. I've spent a lot of this morning reflecting over the past few months and thinking about how God has continued to bless me, love on me, and show Himself to are just a few shots of how He continues to give and give into my life and even though my emotions sometimes aren't on the same page, my desire is to want to give and give more to Him and for His Name. He is good and He IS to be trusted, in the ups and downs.

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