Monday, June 14, 2010

get on with it

I went to a memorial service be totally honest, I of course wasn't a huge fan of them before, who is?....But since my mom and grandmother passed, I absolutely loathe them. But I went, partly because I wanted to honor and celebrate the life of a Godly, wonderful woman, and also because each time I go to a funeral it's like a huge slap to my face that I am here for a short time and for ONE purpose....NOTHING else, and I mean NOTHING else, matters.
It was another great reminder of me to refocus where I'm going with my life....what I need to cut out, and how much more of God I need in my everyday life. This is not our it says in the Bible, our citizenship is in Heaven.
Reminds me of a quote I saw on someone's FB page awhile said something like this, The sooner we die, the sooner we can get on with it. I think about that quote a lot. Very I just need to live like it's true.
What things in your life do you need to cut out because they just don't matter? Are you living life with no regrets, enjoying what God has given you, taking every chance to serve Him and others, and ignoring those things that just don't matter?.......

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