Sunday, May 2, 2010

Headed out to the Drive conference tomorrow....excited to get away for a couple days and I'm excited to see North Point, can't believe I've never been there. I always have mixed feelings because I hate leaving my sweet pea...but I know her and Papaw will be having way too much fun and be eating way too much sugar!!
I still feel sick but got some meds yesterday and praying that will help me to feel better and be able to focus this week. Today was a great day at Grace....even with all the rain, it was great to see the people that did come out, the music was amazing, and Chad was RIGHT on, as usual. He spoke a true word from the Lord and it is so applicable to my life. Am so thankful for him and Ron's obedience to preach the Word and share wisdom so I, and we, can grow in our faith and learn more about who God is and how we need to live our lives.
God is really teaching me right now about His faithfulness....over and over again I keep hearing that and in turn I am learning to trust Him more and worry less. I am also learning about whole-hearted obedience, not just giving God a few things but everything, even the things that are the hardest to turn over to Him. Everytime I do though, something amazing's such a freedom. If we could only quit being so stubborn, and realize that God knows more and IS more and if we will just LET GO of everything we think is valuable and good and ours, we can have so much more. It's a great time in my life and I love what He is teaching me and pray that I'll continue to be moldable.
Yesterday was really hard....two funerals in one day. I hate funerals.....Mom and Nana's deaths start reeling in my mind...all the memories from when I first heard the news up until I left their grave sites. I usually try to keep those memories in the back of my mind as much as possible. It was a good reminder though for me to not waste a day, love others, encourage, take risks, serve, seek Him, and focus....He's all that matters in the end. ALL. the one and ONLY thing. Good reminder but still a hard day.....thankful for good friends that encouraged me through it and were there for me to talk to. Seems like after 2 1/2 years I wouldn't miss my mom so much but it's just not that way. Grief is so complex and diverse. But in the end, I'm thankful for hope....what would I do without Jesus? Wow, I am blessed. Hope everyone has a great week and takes time out to spend with the One that matters.

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