Tuesday, July 6, 2010

you never realize.....

Sunday I had two cool situations happen that reminded me of the importance of what one choice, one word, one serving heart can do and what a difference it makes. The first one was just me rushing in to hear the service and a man stopped me, who I know just from GCC and his grandchildren come to Grace Acres. He just out of the blue said to me, I bet no one ever tells you thank you for all your hard work. It doesn't go unnoticed and it's appreciated. Thank you.
What a simple statement but good grief it made my whole day!! I'm passionate about preschoolers learning about who God is and how to live a Godly live at an early age, and not for anything of me, but I do work hard and long to help make it happen. It's all of the Lord, nothing good in me! But to hear that just affirmed in me that God's ministry is affecting people, and not going unnoticed. I needed to hear that, and I know he didnt know what that meant to me.
Other thing is a volunteer that took over during a service hour so I could go to service. He kept saying I really didn't do anything but he did. It gave me an hour to break away from my to do list and all that was spinning in my mind and just worship and let God work in my heart. It was HUGE for me....yet again these people don't think they did anything special but for me it was a big deal.
Just reminds me that I have to be in the Spirit daily and listening to what He is asking me to do,and never belittle or think it's dumb or insignificant to encourage someone, serve someone, send an email, note, text....we may never see the effects but God knows and that person knows....we don't have to. That's the importance of letting the Spirit guide us even in the daily walk of life.

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