Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I asked, and He answered

I was having somewhat of a down day yesterday and feeling some insecurities about my relationship with the Lord. I was driving to work after I dropped KJ off, and I was just praying and pleading with God to show Himself to me and encourage me that I am still His child. I was feeling such doubt that after all my failures and mistakes does He still REALLY love me and desire a relationship with me? My knowledge of His Word and my experiences in the past of course said yes but you know those times when you have those doubts and just wonder if He really is who He says He is. I went through the day as normal and part of the day was so busy that I didn't even remember what I had prayed for.
Then last night I went to community group and we watched a video about being a disciple of Jesus and how He chose His disciples and believed in a 'ragamuffin' group and how they ended up changing the world for Christ. He talked about how Jesus believes in us and wants us to follow Him. I wish I could put the video on here so you could hear what he said but it touched me and I realized that was what I needed to hear from the Lord. Then today as I was working I was listening to one of Ron's sermons, Adoption, and wow, it was exactly what I needed to hear. This is such a reminder to me that God does care about us, HE cares about our doubts and fears (even when they don't make sense or even when He's told us over and over again How much He loves us), and He answered my prayer. I knew He would because He always does.....and it's usually not like I would think. It's never an audible voice, of course, but it's something so strong and so powerful and so perfect for what I am needing that I know it can ONLY be Him.
I needed that reminder that I am always going to be His....He is always going to be my Father. And it gives me more of a passion to want to serve Him and do everything I can to show people who He really is. Here's the link to the adoption sermon. It's not long, it's so powerful, and if you haven't heard it, just take a few minutes and let God speak to you..
Adoption sermon on 04/11

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