Tuesday, May 3, 2011

let's MOVE!

I love seeing people that are not self-involved. They look around them at those that are hurting, experiencing tragedy, and pain and they want to do something about it. We all at times stop for a minute and realize that we are blessed and we do want to help other people but we don't have the opportunity, time, money....(excuses are endless) Here's a link to a challenge for churches to help raise money for those affected by the storms in recent days. I get excited to see people that step out of their little box, their little world, and realize that more is going on around them and WE, all of us, are responsible for helping, loving, caring, doing something about it! God's Word says it! We need to get out of our bubbles and stop putting so much emphasis on the things that are not eternal and that only last for a mere second, and let's put our energy, money, time, prayers, and take our families with us to start being aware of what is going on around us. Let's do God's work, and let's focus on what is eternal. That is all that matters.

If you attend Grace Community Church, we will be participating in this challenge this Sunday. Hope to see you there!
Thanks for all you do each week in the lives of children and parents!! You are all amazing!! Please take a look at this link and pray about your part as our church takes part in this challenge this Sunday......


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