Monday, January 31, 2011

"God is most glorified, most seen as powerful, glorious, worthy, when everything has gone wrong....and He's enough." M.Chandler

We all have our days...when things are going is stressful. kids are testing us. relationships are hard. health is declining. I've had one of those weeks...and honestly I've been trying hard not to feel sorry for myself, thinking about all the horrible things that so many people are going through. There is so much pain and sorrow out there and I am so blessed and should be continually grateful for my life. And I am. But my human nature creeps in and I have been extrememly melancholy and even broken the last few days. The Lord is so good and continues to watch over me....I don't know why I still get suprised about that at times:) I opened an old email and saw a sermon link someone sent me and listened to it. My favorite pastor.....Matt Chandler. It was much truth that I needed to hear JUST for today, JUST for this moment. How can I ever doubt that God is real? And that He loves me so incredibly that He will do whatever it takes to encourage me and remind me He is there. No matter what.....
I put a few of the quotes from his sermon on twitter but if you have some time at work, or while you're on the comp at home, driving down the road.....listen. You won't regret the time you spent. It's a good reminder for all of us that God is there no matter what and that we don't always know why things happen like they do but He has not left us. And He never will.

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