Sunday, January 10, 2010


So, I don't really do New Year resolutions but something I'm working on getting better at this year is praying for other people. I love doing it, I just don't do it enough. I feel like we underestimate the power there is in goin to God on behalf of someone and really supporting them in that way. The enemy doesn't want us to support and encourage each other and help protect each other....there is a lot of power in that and we just let it sit everyday. For me, I hope I can be more consistent about it and I look forward to seeing how God will answer prayers in people's lives and getting to share in that.
SO....can you help me with this? Send me a prayer request or burden you have for yourself or someone close to you...and then keep me updated on how God is working in your life with that prayer request. Just comment, FB me, or email me (
Some of the things I'm praying for in my life is learning more about being controlled by the Holy Spirit, my daughter's growth spiritually and mentally, and what God has for me this Spring! (new volunteer opportunities, school, etc.) I'm sure I'll be updating you on what God does and how He answers these things in my life....1 Cor. 2:9

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